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Suuwweet ending IceSquad,
and cool that the good Detective made it to the end.
I feel some affinity with him now,
I am wearing a cast on my folding hand.
I wonder what became of the Manatese Flacon?

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Obviously, the piranhas bottled the left over squid ink in the Manatese Flacon. When they get asked what it is they answer, “the stuff that dreams are made of”.

3 IceSquad's photo

If you lose a son, it’s possible to get another; there’s only one Manatese Flacon.

4 dimplesample's photo

So that is why you bought that van with the sign that says FREE CANDY.

5 dimplesample's photo

To show off your Manatese Flacon.

6 dimplesample's photo

The free candy is simply a bowl of leftover Sonic peppermint candies that they only get after admiring the Mantanese Flacon.

7 m80's photo

Slim, I always wondered if Flacon was a typo, and you know how folders love a good typo!

8 SlimWhitman's photo

No, it was intentional, but I do love a good typo to work with (like many a folder).

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This was wonderfully pulpy.

10 sundancer's photo

That was just wonderful from the beginning to end!

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