Varla Du Gong lay seductively in a puddle of seawater upon the baby grand. Detective Manatee flicked the smoldering butt of his cigarette into the ashtray, adjusted his fedora, and said "Varla, can the salty tunes and show me your husband's perfume collection." JMan didn't let Varla Du Gong's aqualine charms distract him. The Case of the Manatese Flacon almost irritated Det. Manatee into retirement, having to repeat ad nauseam the hunt was for the Manatese FLAcon, not Falcon. Varla Du Gong's husband smelled like a Maserati looks, masculine but with feminine topnotes & Det. Manatee had to wonder again what Varla DuGong's true preferences were. Nevermind that now. If the missing Manatese flacon had been pawne d then the case would go cold. Det. Manatee cleared his mind. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. He must "be" the case. That's when the clue about Varla DuGong's disappearance materialised into Det Manatee's mind. He saw Varla DuGong tottering on the lip of a boiling crater of roiling lava. She was wearing her plum velvet gown & emeralds And taunting him. Six Tigermen were lurking nearby, hidden into the bushes. They were expert hunters, but the size of domestic cats. The little tigers were watching Det. Manatee as danced a martial Cow In Piranha Waters. The little tigers were thrown off but quickly recovered and each took a strategic stance, mimicking the dance. Det. Manatee adapted in turn. The piranhas then performed some sort of weird Martha Graham interpretive dance, which was way over Manatee's head, being strictly a literal thinker. He responded with a pirhouette , propping up his 1200 lb. with a dainty right flipper. An audible 'crack' ensued. "That was my gun hand!" yelped Manatee. The piranhas used an obliging squid to sign his cast.



1 SlimWhitman's photo

Suuwweet ending IceSquad,
and cool that the good Detective made it to the end.
I feel some affinity with him now,
I am wearing a cast on my folding hand.
I wonder what became of the Manatese Flacon?

2 shadowsheart's photo

Obviously, the piranhas bottled the left over squid ink in the Manatese Flacon. When they get asked what it is they answer, “the stuff that dreams are made of”.

3 IceSquad's photo

If you lose a son, it’s possible to get another; there’s only one Manatese Flacon.

4 shadowsheart's photo

So that is why you bought that van with the sign that says FREE CANDY.

5 shadowsheart's photo

To show off your Manatese Flacon.

6 shadowsheart's photo

The free candy is simply a bowl of leftover Sonic peppermint candies that they only get after admiring the Mantanese Flacon.

7 m80's photo

Slim, I always wondered if Flacon was a typo, and you know how folders love a good typo!

8 SlimWhitman's photo

No, it was intentional, but I do love a good typo to work with (like many a folder).

9 BlastedHeath's photo

This was wonderfully pulpy.

10 sundancer's photo

That was just wonderful from the beginning to end!

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