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This is funny to read, even if you don’t know Arabic. It looks like Jeff pulled the lever and that was it for the English speakers. Then I ran the last line on Babelfish, and it came out:

“Learning English is very important in some workplaces, universities and jobs must be practiced to learn and master and learn English very important omar saqr saqr “

May there be peace.

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And here’s the line or two before: “Nothing may be allowed to come between us and our mission. Allahu Akhbar. American installations must be infiltrated at all costs. FoldingStory is just the beginning.”


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First line: The thief ran between the alleys and the streets, fleeing the policeman who had not stopped chasing him for five minutes. The thief carried his pistol in his belt and a coin bag on his other side. At the end of the road, the thief found himself.

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Line 5 and 6: Doctor this in English Hahaha

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Line 7: Usually the smart what they know invoke English Yahmed Mohammed Sadeq

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Line 8: Many of them do not learn the language Kassala not difficult, and therefore the state provided centers and schools to teach English and learn English is very important Hilal Nayef al-Shammari

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Line 9: Of course, definitely learning English is useful.

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