Just as she was showing him the door, (good riddance) an alert came off the TV. "Due to a Homeland emergency, everyone must stay indoors for the next 48 hours." He spun around quickly and said, "I guess God wants us to stay together." Damn. They had to stay here for 48 hours and she had just broken up with him. "If you need some space , it's too damn bad, 'cause you're not gonna get it." Then she mashed her lips against mine. For 48 hours. It was love in a stuck elevator. When the doors finally opened, we were still in love, but stuck together at the lips like Siamese twins and dangerously dehydrated. Shuffling sideways out the elevator, we went in search of a coffee straw berry gateau, a Siamese speciality. We managed to squish the cake up enough to stuff between the lovers' fused lips. But what about their 5 a day? Oh God, the carrot caused some te Mpests to appear in the teapot. The celery and onions were insanely jealous. They wanted more room in tie soup pot. Mrs. MacDonald made her son, Ramsey the PM, his favourite soup. She served it to him in a thick spotted dick bowl. The heat of the soup melted the bowl drawing the spotted dick into the soup putting meat on the ribs of a distinguished PM from L emuria, who charmed the other restaurateurs with his mild wit and fine manners, when the chef came out and grabbed the PM by the throat for some subtle and negligible slight that t -he rest of the people there would never have even noticed if he hadn't been such a drama queen about it. The chef demanded an apology of the polite PM, who graciously acquiesced. His apology took a surprising form. The PM fixed up mac and cheese just like his grandmother used to make, and the two sat down for a détente of forked diplomacy.



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To hell with gracious acquiescence. This isn’t the Cat Scratch County Courthouse.

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Woab, I do appreciate that you have gone from (at a stretch) inattentive and inadvertent slights, to intentional and indirect ones. Subtle progression!

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Now let’s get back to the stories themselves.

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