"Hey Paul, a viewer sent these in. The Top 10 reasons to fold stories: 1. It's a place where your bizarre twisted humor is seen as a plus. 2. You've already folded the back of every Mad magazine. A-hee." Letterman paused with a gap-toothed smile. "Number 3 in the Top 10 reasons to fold stories is that some stories are about my hairy old-man ass and you don't want to read them. Just fold them in half and the story disappears. See? No more of ol' Dave's gross old ass." The story-teller folded his tales like origami. He expertly creased his phrases and sentences with a panache that couldn't be revealed to the mediocre reader. "Now I can start a new delicacy," the storyteller mused. "For you are witnessing the creation of pure genius." I did not doubt that one bit. Many had traveled the world to sit at the feet of this folder, who spun silken tales from the air like a spider threading her gossamer web. The group of us sat at the legendary storyteller's feet, completely dumb-struck in awe. The dark eyes of the storyteller twinkled impishly at us as she began her tale. As she spoke, she seemed to fade into the background as the story's characters came forward into the light. The effect was no illusion: The characters in her story became real, and the storyteller faded out. **POP!** The characters (a dog, a horse, and Melvin) were suddenly awake and looking arounf everywhere then the storyteller made a child riding a horse but the Melvin woke up and realized he has been asleep for over a day and said to himself " I can never age and I’ve got the worst case of crotch rot. I’d better buy a shitload of adult diapers.” Then, as he ate an ice cream cone and dreamt of his life in the sideshow, Melvin laid an egg.



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I take it from this that one reason why we fold stories is because we are freaks.

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Could be, Woab. I’ve been accused more than once of being a blockhead.

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