Barry Manilow stole into my room last night at 3 a.m. At first I thought it was a dream, but when he crawled into my bed & began singing "Mandy," I knew something was up. When he finished singing "Mandy," I asked him what he was doing in my bed. He just sang "Copacabana" and 3 backup singers crawled into bed with us. I really started freaking out. "Why me? Why my bed?" I gibbered. Barry Manilow looked at me with his droopy eyes. "We've got nowhere else to go." I snuggled down between 2 of the plusher backing singers who kind of first sang, "Copacabana," only to sudden transition into Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." It's was a weirdto go from sing copacabana toviva la vida and bad romace. what next sing one direction song then into 5sos and then marron 5 song. After singing so many random songs that were shouted out to me by the strangely eclectic audience, I decided it was time to quench my thirst at the bar. I hopped off stage and made a bee line to the ladies room. There was a line, of course. I got in line behind a couple of heifers who were wearing their hides three sizes too small. The Jersey one turned to me and mooed loudly. "My apologies, ma'am," I said, stepping out of the queue. I didn't have time to wait for the cows to manoeuvre themselves into the tiny bathroom. I squatted down behind a haystack to relieve myself and rued the day that I had taught the cows how to use the bathroom. Sure, there was less cleanup in the field, but the toilet fixture couldn't handle the overload. No matter, I got right on the problem and am now the proud inventor of the patented Indoor Moo MooPoo Poo! Business is booming andhere's one cow in every home!



1 Gibber's photo

“Manoeuvre” sounds like something cows would do.

2 LordVacuity's photo

You maneuver a zeppelin. You mismaneuver the Hindenburg.

3 Kyerra's photo

This story made me chuckle! Udder chaos!

4 Woab's photo

Nice 3 year hop you made up there, Kyerra! Thanks for waking up the story.

5 Kyerra's photo

I try to look for older stories when I have time! I haven’t had a chance to the last few days but I will again!

6 Woab's photo

Me too! When I’m bored, I just go down the list on the right-hand side of the ADD page. The hardest one is where you have to add to a random story! You never know what you’ll be getting into, but that’s fun, too. I am thankful for Folding Story and all the writers, here!

7 Kyerra's photo

Sometimes, I do the random ones when I can’t decide. It can be a little nerve-wracking but then I’m usually able to come up with SOMETHING! Otherwise, I just click ADD then go for the dormant or aging ones if I have the time to do a few at once.

8 ValkyrieGrrl's photo

Apologies! I meant “THERE’S one cow in every room.” Derp.

9 LordVacuity's photo

I think I was expecting the next folder to make the trip to the New Jersey Shore. Forgetaboutit!

10 LordVacuity's photo

But now I see we did make it to New Jersey afterall.

11 ValkyrieGrrl's photo

Woab: I do the eame thing - add to random stories. Otherwise I will spend more time trying to choose then I do Netflixing…:)

12 ValkyrieGrrl's photo

*same not eame ... (Note to self: learn how to type…)

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