Vanessa Conquest refused to testify against her estranged brother Eric for his "crimes" against The Commonwealth. "What crime? He's a poet who rejected our wealth. But now this?!" "He embezzled our money, burned down our headquarters, and shot and killed a man. THAT'S the crime he committed, Ms Conquest!" An official exclaimed that "Trix are for kids!" This official then had to to face a giant cartoon rabbit who demanded his right to Trix and then called for reparations for years of being denied access to the breakfast cereal. “Cartoon rabbits of the world,” he said, “I "We cannot stand this any longer! Tonight is the night! We will march forward, we cartoon rabbits will finally get was we deserve, JUSTICE!" So, do not worry. If you put some make-up on, the prince will like you, and it will not be a problem in the end. Forget about your sisters. Your god person is here to help turn you into a beautiful princess! All I need to do is use some slightly illegal magic and you'll be the prettiest princess of all! Now, don't sneeze while I'm working, or I may turn myself. Wouldn't that be something? Me, a princess. Ok, I am almost done. Just this line here and there you go. Have at it Princess!" She'd seen this play so often she should have just gone back home, but, as they say, the show must go on. The newly named Princess then realized she held all the power, and instead of sitting through the same show decided to adapt the premise for a direct-to-DVD animated movie. The Princess took it upon herself to cast the voice actors, but choosing Morgan Freeman for every role was a mistake.



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