1 Woab's photo

Too doggoned funny,  ValkyrieGrrl!

2 ValkyrieGrrl's photo

Thanks, Woab! That means everything to me!

3 SlimWhitman's photo

Muff Muffin & Strawberryface sound like a good combo.

4 Woab's photo

I think I’ll have them for breakfast!

5 ValkyrieGrrl's photo

They also remind me of those little creepy dolls from my childhood…the ones with the theme song that made you want to take a chainsaw to your eardrums…oh yeah ! “Strawberry Shortcake” and ...“Lemonberry?” something…I just remember you were supposed to scratch and sniff their mangey plastic heads and breathe in the toxic fumes of “fruit-adjacent” chemical essence…ahhhh…smell the 80s!

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