The shadow of the Manatee fell across Amanda Widdershin's tarot spread one evening. "Detective! Would you like some tea?" Det J said, "I'd like your counsel on a case with occult p roclivities & devilish dealings." Amanda Widdershins put down her crystal ball & turned over the top tarot card. The Fool! Det. Manatee harrumphed "Madam, accompany me to the scene no excuse me, accompany to the Mise en scene." This propped up Amanda's whistdugs and she said to Det. Manatee, "Wow, you're a real cultured fellow." Det. Manatee took Amanda's appraisal in a negative fashion, supposing that she had concluded that he was yogurt. Anyone could have misconstrued the word "cultured" that was equal to having no strength, but simply enjoying the finer things in life does not make a person weak. A couple sledgehammer strikes to the kneecaps makes a person weak. I should know. It keeps me writing these folds. "Have you got any chocolate milk?" asked Bavarian Cody. Toot. "Pardon me," said Bavarian Cody, "I just love chocolate milk, even though it gives me gas." Sanusky Sally nodded and made her way quickly to the kitchen, where she escaped out of the grease trap. Now slick and completely without friction Sanusky Sally gained speed rapidly, producing enough momentum to really do some damage to Barvarian Cody when their paths finally met. Barvarian Cody was completely oblivious to any of these shenanigans. He had been sincere with Sanusky Sally. When Sally and Cody collided on Cumberland Ave in the bumper cars, Cody was pissed, having been bumped by a GIRL! Ewwwww! But Cody came around. He invited Sally to enjoy a “hot dog” under the bleachers, no mustard. Ahhh, YOUTH!



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