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Below an English translation of Lines 1-9 (google translation followed by some revision by me, since some things were garbled in the google translation - I took my best guess)

A net is hardened by both the free and the hungry

And unfurled it drifted in the sea for a long period as hunger and thirst, which is not sated by seawater, increased but with some luck a hook caught the fish, which was watching from a length but is now on the hook.

The fish asked the fisherman to let her go back into the water and she would give him what he wanted. The fisherman returned the fish to the water and his feelings of fear at releasing it abated. For the first time as he fished, he heard the sounds of the fish

But he decided to leave the fish in the water and then waited for the fish to come from the sea and after a long time the fish returned and in her mouth, was a large pearl. The fisherman was overjoyed at such a treasure.

The fisherman did not realize that this fish was his livelihood, waiting for him all this while, and he called on God to feed him well to help his only son to complete his studies. The fisherman took the fish and the pearl that had spoken to to his house

by the sea where he lived. The pearls he would just sneak in. He gave his son advice on investments for university tuition fees. But his son just wanted to catch fish

in order to eat and give to his family because they were very poor and could not buy precious meat, such as
veal and chicken. After this he did not complete his studies rather helping the people fulfill their needs.

He worked and tried hard to raise money and despite the difficulties he faced, he was able to provide assistance to his family and was very happy and completed his studies becoming well learned.

And he became concerned about the poor who have dreams but difficult circumstances which prevent them from achieving their dreams and so he allocated a sum of money to help them to achieve their ambitions and people liked him and imitated his good morals.

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