1 PurpleProf's photo

Way to go, Jane!!!

2 SlimWhitman's photo

Well well, we seem to have quite a bit of potential for passive aggresive revenge here on folding story. Maybe folding is therapy?
Anyway, a fun just desserts story.

3 Sloth's photo

I think this story went along nicely. We’ve learned 1.) Not to mess with Jane and 2.) Jane has some issues she might want to get checked out.

4 lucielucie's photo

It’s nice to have a story with 2 female protagonists - we don’t get a lot of those.

5 lucielucie's photo

I mean stories with those.

6 lucielucie's photo

I mean stories with 2 of them.

8 foldmeonce's photo

Jane’s got some anger management issues. o.O Nice story, though! I agree with lucielucie - we should have more stories like this.

9 lucielucie's photo

Just read the story out - it’s incredibly coherent, considering…

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