"Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, g-" Silence blossomed like a mushroom cloud. The children's eyes did not flinch. The gun's report finally shattered the haze. Little Teddy held a 45 and had just made it clear he didn't want to be "It." Sally sat down.Teddy lightly conked each kid's head with the butt of the 45 as he said "duck, duck, duck," and when he got to The part where the duck flew off, he wept. This was his lover! The trigger was pulled, hitting Sally in the wing. She could no longer fly until the Bird Hospital did surgery. Dr. Bill said Ms Sally would never fly again.O how he wept.After the OP she started therapy,gradually gaining the ability to waddle endearingly. He fell in love with her quack all over again, even though the slight new whistle in her quack felt like a needle in his brain whenever he heard it. He found himself looking for reasons to quiet her quacking. "Some white canard in Canuckistan is not going to tell me my duckling's wheezy quack isn't a matter for the state! It is a matter for a mother which makes it a a matter of the World! Quacking is our only form of communication (other than biting and flapping our wings) so if my duckling loses his voice, the world may lose a potential flash-in-the-pan winner on The Voice! Adam Levine looked down at the duck…who reminded him of Jonah Hill, only a feather—or two—slenderer…and asked, “Say there little ducky…can you sing the five little duck song? Sing for Papi, won't you?" The duck frowned, and behind her, 7 ducklings frowned in turn. Adam Levine curled up into a little ball and began to cry, before rolling into the lake. Adam Levine cried for centuries on end, his ego shattered, his reputation ruined. Soon the water level rose until it flooded all low-lying areas, and the singing ducks were happy.



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WTF lol. Awesome Start MoralEnd.

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ROTFLMFAO…literally. Belly chuckle.

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Six years and change.

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This is my favorite story so far :)

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