It makes sense to me. If we have astral plains then aliens have astral plains. There is no guarantee that everyone of their astral plains coincides with any of our astral plains. Obviously, in this astral plain they included each other. Otherwise, these astral plains we're discussing wouldn't be these astral plains that we're discussing right now. They'd be these astral plains but a different these than this or that or then, or even NOW. Jasper's head fell down to his chest. He muttered a bovine aphorism and fell to the floor like he knew the Truth or the Truth knew him and it didn't mind that it knew him. The paying audience was puzzled. Was he having a fit or a heart attack? Was he spontaneously astral projec ting and eating a Twinkie at the same time? Or was he reaching an orgasm while serving Thanksgiving dinner to a tribe of pygmy Cannibals? The audience was absolutely lost by the time he finished the first line. Some of the audience had fallen asleep, while a few seemed to be beating their heads against the ground over and over again. It turned out that some were, in fact, beating their heads against the ground while others only seemed to be doing this. He lived between the seeming and the fact & audience sensed This was part of the plot. Three oranges competed for the centerpiece for the porcupine stew dinner. Apparently, the scullery could cook them without anyone being stung. Physically, that is. But the fourth orange was stung emotionally when he found he had not been chosen for the porcupine stew centerpiece. Crushed, he threw himself onto a juicer who cringed in disgust:"See here, mate, I'll guzzle anything squeezed outa grapes or grain, but I haven't touched o.j. since my measles!" And the orange wept citrus tears.



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