My party was popping. Throw your Firecrackers in the air and watch all the weenies scatter like cockroaches!!!!!! This was to be the Footlong Dodger Dog Vegas Pool party of the decade. Horace The Brave and his staff went on opening night. The Jester played the slot machines for the first time and won 56,237 dram. Thats 352 horseshoes or 1257 rubber honkers.The Jester's shoe soles flapped as he flipped the flippers racking up replays.Horace was feeling less brave as he pulled back the launch date for his trip to Venus' habitable zone. Sure, the place smelled of eggs, but the novelty of it all was still fresh at the time. He'd be the first harlequin on Venus, which is a distinction Boingeaux the Clown would never have. He could still be the first bozo on Venus though. Being first harlequin on Venus didn't come with any perks beyond bragging rights and a lifetime supply of powdered wine, to which, being French, Boingeaux turned up his red rubber nose. He had assumed that the planet would be more romantic, but instead it was stoically matter of fact, which is why they called it America2; which is why Boingeaux refused to change his name to Bo, to cave-in to peer pressure. He wanted to live in intimacy with the universe and love without measure. Boingeaux gazed at the geese flying north towards the snow, packed his bag and left without closing the door behind him.



1 Jimbeau's photo

Superb ending, lucielucie; exceptionally thoughtful and romantic.

2 Ped_Xing's photo

Just as I finished reading this the mamas and the papas started singing about Monday, Monday. Which made me notice this story started on a Monday over 6 years ago and It ended today, a Monday.

True story.

3 lucielucie's photo

Thank you Jimbeau… too kind!

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This one got progressively more wonderful. Thank you, PedX, for the triumphant return of Boingeaux the clown. Positively loved Lucie’s ending!

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