Many hikers admire the beauty of the Lake Superior hiking trails, but few have the courage to trek the brambles of the Lake Inferior hiking trails. Lake Inferior is infamous for being nearly 90% sulfur and Ernest Hemingway parts - literally parts of Hemingway were floating in the lake. They were full of protein - if you could believe it, "vegetarians" drank it and as soon as a corporation got wind of Lake Inferior, it was bottled and marketed as Protein Water. It became the latest dietary fad, lining shelves of mom and pop health food stores across the country. "Makes you smarter, handsome, and a good writer!", the Protein Water's label claimed, but in reality it only ever caused consumers to develop stringbean muscled squashlike physiques. Frank Hams, steak-loving undercover investigative reporter was busting the healthfood veggie protein drink hype left and right now. He wanted a good name, and he didn't want his consumers to look like mush. Frank Hamms busted as many that were all for this protein drink and then he decided to retire and live in the Philippines with three house-boys, all called Scott. Frank Hamms had never known such peace, before. He drank his protein drink on his veranda each day, and each day, from the same veranda, he pissed into his neighbor’s chimney, rousing a row with the man who was having a roll with his ugly Beryl. “Fetch me a scotch, Scott," "Fetch yer own dingus instead, Fergus." This made Fergus fall into his cups. "With my ugly Beryl, Scot!! My ugly Beryl." He was in tears at the last word. Scott felt uncomfortable. ¨Dingus¨ was not a term that he used often. Scott turned to Fergus with a look of apology. What made him enraged? It may have been the



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What made him enraged?  It may have been the floating Ernest Hemmingway parts…

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Peals of laughter!

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