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The eleventh fold is always ineffable.

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Now that I’ve read it, I think this is one for the X-Files.

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But, if it is true that the eleventh fold is always ineffable, then doesn’t knowing that make is somewhat effable?

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I would put this one in Category K: The place for everything that doesn’t belong in this place. If it belongs then it doesn’t belong meaning that it does belong, which in turn, means it doesn’t.

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The act of knowing it is ineffable is like removing a thin film of dross from its ineffableness.

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But I am telling you, that ineffable is damn sure effable. I would eff the ineffable until the cows came home if I was given a chance.

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In other words, the parts that can be described or expressed float to the top because they are immiscible with the true ineffability, and are removed by cognizance of them.

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Ineff said.

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I want to know what happened about the supposed moth invasion. o.o

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