I live in a world where the sun and the moon race each other for the happiness humanity. Yesterday for the first time in a while the moon shined so bright that darkness was jealous and wished to be in the spotlight for once. If daytime was the Sun's and nighttime was the moon's, then the darkness's only hope was glam rock. But "I Believe in a Thing Called artisinal cheese." Darkness had declared. Darkness stole a fat kid's body and enrolled into a dairy college. He would master blue cheese. The only problem was Professor Lumos. He kept his classroom lit with three dozen 1000 watt high pressure sodium lightbulbs. Darkness wasn't welcome there. So Darkness hatched a plan to thwart itself into Holiness and see the light, the white light at the end of tunnel, so that the Dark could be healed, not sent back. A flash of Blue light suddenly flashed past you, and recognized it as Hermes. It suddenly dawns on you that of course the old gods will try to muscled their way into this confrontation. They had everything to lose if Dark was healed. Who would need them then? Heck, Hermes was just an expensive brand of scarf to most people today. Even Aphrodite hung her head. "Maybe we need to show them some good, old-fashioned juggling, we can just juggle and juggle our cares away." Aphrodite stared incredulously. "What the sane Hades are you talking about, Hermes, someone just imploded on the doorstep." Aphrodite & Hermes glided over to the doorstep to inspect. "I can't. I just can't." Aphrodite cried, turning away from the bloody mess. "It's a message," Hermes stated knowingly. They spent many centuries translating the arcane meaning behind the bloody events, only to be taken aback by a prophetic law, a law which decreed: Deals Finish Sunday at DFS.



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