Heyman Boyd mused as the shuttle transited a dark matter tendril to another venue in the galactic mesh. "The words of the microflora are written on the ..." Meat travelers were mo mentarily adversely affected but prompt endorphin signals sent by the local central side core body ganglia. put and end to that and returned the subject to uninterested in it All. Yet, even Uninterested, it still remembered there'd been something. At first it wasn't interested but when a wonder entered, interest started to build. Eventually, enough interest was built that it became interesting. Now he was Interested. Sadly, by this time, he no longer knew what had been interesting about it to catch his attention. But he had so much in vested in the new lie that he just stuck with it. Even when it was shown to be a lie he kept his stakes in on the matter. Sometimes you'll see him driving up the Antelope Highway, his tussled mane replaced by a shiny pate in his old and rusty Morgan. Still uptight and sticking to that lie. He lost most of his fortune but he's still far from being down & out. So, as his last deal before he went out of business— sorry, I can’t do this anymore. This story has taken a boring turn. Suddenly, he got snapped out of existence by Thanos. "What do I do now?" he pondered. Reduced to inter-dimensional space dust drifting through the cosmos, yet conscious enough to know he should not be conscious, he concentrated on Turning himself into alluring shapes to capture the heart of the planet Venus. Then a Gypsy Spacebus pulled up alongside the conscious space dust. "Alright mucker? That ain't how y -a win a planet's heart, y'know," shouted the bus driver to the dust, "Ya just put yer lips together and blow." But when the dust attempted this, he dispersed himself into nothing.



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This story’s one.

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