"I'm bisexual and I haven't had sex for 6 days," Anya stated. Nina looked at her. "Pleased to meet you," she said. She ordered coffee for her new flat mate as she didn't speak Czec or jive. Anya slurped her coffee with her eyes darting all around. "Shifty," thought Nina. Nina decided to keep mum about the ounce of pot in her pocket. No sense sharing, besides just then she saw Icarus and Puck making a beeline towards her. From much experience she knew Puck was a a schmuck when he got high so yeah, she'd keep mum about the pot. "There's nothing worse than a stoned boy with wings," she was oft heard to say. But Puck and Icarus could smell the grass on her, being mythological and sensitive party types. They were flying all over downtown Chicago, and Mayor Emanuel thought this was more reason to open legal marijuana dispenseries. At least they didn't murder anyone! Such logic was sound.Leave it to national politicians to raise dissent against nonthreatening herbalists to get votes.The Mayor said "Up yours!".Chcago's Herb Trucks played Country Joe & the Fish -n-Chips in the city softball championship last year & beat 'em bad, so Country Joe had more than a little something against the Chicago Herb Trucks, see? The election was rigged! Well it was about that time Country Joe went fucking postal and set fire to all the Herb Trucks in the windy city. It was very important if you happened to live in Chicago. (Also very important if you were either glaucomac-ically impaired or what we used to call a "Hessian"...then you were hurtin' for certain...not unlike Burgess Meredith at the end o f Cats, she's the one that sang that song about sad cats. It makes me tear up every time I've watched that musical, which was never cause it sucked kind of like the ending to this.



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