"Oh your gonna miss me, baby. And I'll be so far away" "No you won't, you're going out to the bar to hang out with that B.B. King." She slammed the screen back door in my face. What can I say, I'm a blues man. It looked like it was going to be a long night. She'd locked the screen door, so I was trapped on the veranda. With a sigh I switched on the radio and began to string my hammock for a semblance of sleep. The veranda did its magic and I woke up with the sun in my face. The screen door was no longer locked and she was gone. There was a note from Karen. She , in her beautiful script, had written: "To whomever it may concern: Take a step forward, and then turn to your right, and do as it says." I chuckled; Karen had always had her ways Doing as prescribed, I met with a slowly elevating treasure. It made a light show of its contents but seemed neither here nor there, like a refraction. Stepping forward revealed.. that it was only one of those optical illusion, pennies-in-a-cup tricks. I glowered at the proprietor for amking a fool of me. He smirked and stepped back into the shadows. A pale young person of about 20 mimed offering a bowl, then folded its hands against its chest. I had no doubt he/she/other was being abused somehow by the proprietor. Its vibe seemed to be pretty bad, as bad as a school/ work day. It seems to never end. I hate it when I wake up and realize it was a dream and the alarm is going off and I have to go to work. Wait am I awake or asleep not knowing I try to wake.



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