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A veritable cornucopia of horrors.

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I should not have read this while eating… O.o

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Props to Davood for the allusions to Aretha, benedict, and Jake!

4 NixonBlack's photo

Quiet day on FoldingStory.

5 kyerinn's photo

Do you miss us, NixonBlack? :D

6 NixonBlack's photo

Yeah!  Of course I do :)  You’re my link to daily creativity!

7 kyerinn's photo

Honestly, I feel much the same. :) It keeps us sharp!

8 NixonBlack's photo

I’m down to three left unfolded and I’m saving them for tonight.  :)

9 kyerinn's photo

And THAT’S how you keep the high score! ;)

10 NixonBlack's photo

Hahaha,  well I’d like to hope that there’s some quality there too.  Most of my folds are still uncompleted ;)

11 RhettOracle's photo

NixonBlack, I don’t know whether to congratulate you or console you for finishing that daunting task.  :)

12 NixonBlack's photo

Really?  I thought everyone was doing that.

13 RhettOracle's photo

Most of my faves are on this fold, so just wanted to inform that I have switched monikers from “dwe” to “RhettOracle”. I like that name a lot more and I shamelessly stole it from a blog I reviewed yesterday.  I thought it fit this game famously.

14 NixonBlack's photo

Did you create an all new user, or just change your username?  I changed mine a while back, but it took a day or so to propagate out to all of my old posts.

15 kyerinn's photo

I noticed the change and scanned through my friends to deduce who this was! Now, you just need a picture. ;)

16 Davodd's photo

I’m not above name dropping for a chuckle..

17 RhettOracle's photo

Sorry, NB, didn’t see your question until now.  No, just the username, not a new profile.  I think I like the new features thus far, but have not spent a lot of time yet to truly get the hang of them.

18 RhettOracle's photo

And Kyerinn, yes, I do need a pic of some sort.  Although there is something to mysteriousness.

19 Davodd's photo

I miss the ability to be able to check up on the status of stories you started yourself.

20 kyerinn's photo

It’s true, Rhett. You ARE very mysterious.

Davodd, maybe you can suggest that to the site.

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