She awoke slowly aware that the room was so black, the silence so complete it had weight and seemed to be suffocating even her eyelids, which had over the course of the night become crusty with the remnants of her tears. She groggily sat on the porch and watched the pickup trucks drive wearily on. They didn't even stop anymore, the way they used to when when cokes cost a dime and were really "cokes" and gum was a penny and all the kids would just drive up and down the block playing their "rock and roll" music. Those were the good old days, back before "IT" happened. You can't even say Kevin Bacon or Chuck Berry were to blame. Theory has it, it was it was six degrees to one half dozen of the loaves of bread that spilled on the street. They washed away to never be seen again. Poor, poor Sampson. All that hair, and not enough breathmints to save us from the garlic...



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This is one of my favorites!

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