Ric a tic tic, tic a tic tic tic, ricca tic tic ticca ticca tic. the Mongoose let out his quick short chant. Feinting left and right, he let the mamba strike, slipping just out of its range, like a deadly tango. I watched, my vision blurring as the world spun. I felt dazed as hell. Jumping over a log, the mongoose sunk its teeth into the mamba's tail and took a shot at hitting its head with a bottle of Orange Fizz before falling into a small hole in a clumsy heap. I noticed the mamba looked confused at the mongooses to actions. The mamba then offered the mongoose a Bottle each of Orange Fizz and Strawberry Fizz because he was thirsty. "I would prefer spring water, but this will do for now. Thank you, Sir." Plastic trees started to sprout around him in a ring. He crouched down to peer at one curiously. The trees continued to grow taller and taller until he realised he was trapped in the circle of plastic trees. then the tops of the trees started leaning in over him until they were closing over him & putting him in a dark forest with a whispering ethereal music wafting around him & calling him deeper and deeper into their dark embrace. He tried to resist, but at last gave himself over to the song of the forest, wandering deeper where no man alive could ever find him. He let his beard grow, and soon it grew all over his face. Then came the morning when he awoke to birdsong and noticed that he had grown little horns and hooves and knew he could play a pan pipe expertly. There was also the sexual-prowess legend, but he was dismayed to discover the tiny member between his legs. “What good is the rest of this crap?"



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Love the ending, Tarotguy!

2 TarotGuy's photo

Thanks, Woab. It was helpful having a great fold before that to work with!

3 SlimWhitman's photo

yes, gave me a good chuckle.

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