The hungry space monkey goes to school on the moon. He's a very hungry monkey. Yes he is. For the moon is made of cheese. And the hungry space monkey doesn't like cheese. Gleek has a taste for brains. He opens the airlock and sneaks past the jungle gym into the galactic tree canopy where the view of the giant brainoid aliens was easiest. Gleek scratched his fleek. Which, if you know anything about Deeks, was a real bleak peak at a freak. But Gleek the space monkey decided to do a surprise visit on Superman and Hawkwoman and caught them, in flagrante delicto, cooking up meth in Hawkwoman's bathtub. "Ha!" shouted Gleek, pointing an accusatory finger. Superman blushed. "You ain't no Heisenbergs." The Heisenbergs were, some three years later, still cooking up meth in Hawkwoman's bathtub. It was very profitable. Superman didn't know what to do, so he asked Lois Lane. “Are you asking me as Superman or as Clark Kent”, asked Lois Lane as she folded Clark’s underwear and Superman’s Unionsuit. “Both”, was their/his reply. “The Heisenbergs are an unc outh bunch that wear lead underwear that I can’t penetrate with my X-ray vision,” said Superman. “Look, Clark…I mean Superman,” said Lois, “the Heisenbergs are friends of mine, and we have to prevent them from boarding the Hindenberg." "I'm sorry, Lois," replied Superman, "but I am not permitted to change history again. I have demerits." Lois picked up the can of Raid & desperately tried to stop the swarm of mosquitos. A few succumbed but the rest started biting the passengers. Of course, You-Know-Who is bullet AND sting proof, so…



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Open ending.

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