I wanna be a brilliant geezer. It's what I aspire to. Right now I'm working on having enough life changing experiences. The tricky part really is surviving into old age to tell abo ut my stories to the next generation. I decided to write a book, in which the main character is not me, but anyone who's reading it. It will be a book that would retell my life an adventures up until my unfortunate demise. As in those Choose Your Own Adventure books, readers meet different ends depending on their choices. My book will have an infinite supply of references to "My So Called Life." This will make my books commercial and really vague. Thus, I can never be pinned down on an ending or what I meant when I wrote it. The modern reader demands this. You have to aim for the lowest common denominator. Or you sell no books. Pick your poison. Any wonder e-books are so successful. Nope. it is quite logical. The lowest common denominator in this case is both the cost of the book, e-book, often free) and the I.Q. of the reader the lower the more common. Thus the ebooks were the most popular books on the beach. Dandra was reading "Repeatedly and Violently" (very common indeed) while Rod was reading "Aliens Conspired Against Me" as they ignored the wave after wave of ethnic springs being quashed all around them. Most were too busy with their Summer Reading to notice that their beaches were now the battlefield for the hearts & mind s of men. The air stank with evil and the ground reeked of rotten seaweed and dying fish. Instinct warned me to match the growing fear inside with a casual, nonchalant air. I must Not to seen to be afraid, as I attempt to finally put to an end this murderous sunset. A knife appears in my hand. I lunge forwards, and the Sun disappears yet again. "COWARRRD!"



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Ooh, that was a dramatic ending!

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