He was running in the night from someone that was following him, someone who did not want him to publish that corruption story. He reached to his gun and calculated his steps. Now! He hesitated for a split second then looked back and saw no one. He was no longer being chased. he was alone. he took advantage of the darkness and faded in the night. Little did he know, he was chased by the shadows that blended in the dark. The shadows joined to form a spear and impaled him. His shriek pierced through the gloomy woods. He cried for help but no one was around to save him, so he started crawling to the river nearby and leaned in but he fell in and the water carried him to the edge of the waterfall Luckily, he had his trusty fishing pole with him so, thanks to his father's Perfect Cast™, the hook latched onto a nearby tree on the bank of the river and he reeled himself free. Stepping onto the bank, he turned to see that the water he had escaped from was roiling with catfish. Them's good eatin'! So rewound the line and cast it again. The biggest catfish he had ever seen this side of the outhouse walked up to him and said, "Meow mothershtupper, meow!" He dropped the fishing gear and ran back into the water. He realized his mistake When he showed himself to people, they started staring at the water everyday and making plans of trapping this weird thing and why it was there,, then suddenly he desided to ...... After he went out of his mind, he decided to expose what was going on and what happened,but the people's shouts for him and watching weakened the courage that motivates him to talk Then he decided to keep everything as a secret and don’t tell anybody about his feelings and ideas ,he prefered to stay isolated because no body could understand him more than him



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