They were called in the kids school,that afternoon.Weewees were out!The flowers and bees talk had been a bucket of cold water.That night nothing was suposed to happen,but they were really turned on from the fact that they weren't supposed to do anything. Text book reverse psychology. During a frantic session of foreplay it became so obvious that a major general was sitting in a tree outside the window spying on them. This increased their fervour to the point that the local council installed decibalometers to monitor the row they Were having about the elections. Surely this was the most heated election ever. Even Lady Gaga dressed up in a Hugo Boss Nazi uniform whilst Shark Lady dressed like Maoist women. The Orange Buffoon wore his signature novelty tie that said NOT COMPENSATING FOR NUTTIN down its length. To show that he could take a joke he was handing out finger hands with each gerkin. "Eat up!" the Orange Buffoon barked. "After this really, really great feast I am going to show you all my Super Mario mushroom character. It's the best little guy you've ev er laid your tastebuds on, trust me!" We all exchanged puzzled and slightly disturbed looks around the table, glancing back at our "cream of super mushroom soup" bowls. "Are you addressing us with your comments, you bowls of 'cream of super mushroom soup'? Because we're just here to have a nice dinner, not to have conversation with the soup." Her parents never taught her to be kind to a talking soup. Nevertheless, the Cream of Super Mushroom wasn't judgemental of her upbringing. The voice bellowed, "The first rule of Soup Club is : You do not Slurp the Soup. The second rule of Soup Club is: You do not Slurp the Soup. Third rule of Soup Club is: If someone yells "Stop slurping the freaking Soup,” do it!



1 LordVacuity's photo

Do it? Slurp the soup? Or stop the slurping?
Can there be a glug? Maybe a glug-glug?

2 Jimbeau's photo

Ambiguity is my middle name.

3 LordVacuity's photo

So if I look in the dictionary for ambiguity there will be a picture of your middle name on the page?

4 Jimbeau's photo

Toss grandpa down the stairs, his medicine.

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