Smurfette was sick and tired of hiking up her skirt for every blue-balled freak in the village. Smurfette had been secretly leaving the village and getting lost in the forest. Smurfette never did have the best sense of direction, which I suppose made sense, as everyone knows smurf brains are made out of blueberry jelly and mushroom dust. Smurfette grew panicked and began to run through the woods. When her dress snagged on a branch G.I. Joe took the opportunity to play gallant soldier & freed her from the encumbrance of said attire. Smurfette was all atremble,but when Joe folded her in his multijointed embrace & called her my little daffodil she relaxed in his arms and cried, "Oh G.I. Joe, you're SO extremely handsome. Where have you been all my life?" Joe kissed Smurfette and answered, "Well my lil' daffodil, Hasbro was extremely hesitant at bringing me out, because they were very concerned about the tender souls of young children if they were exposed to me." Smurfette looked at GI Joe blankly . "Don't look at me like that Smurfette. It's not like you're any better. You're basically a talking blue snail!" Smurfette turned red with fury. "Well, smurf you too GI Joe, i'm a t least a peace-loving Communist, not a gun-toting redneck horndog!" Smurfette tried then to make a dignified dramatic exit, but she tripped over GI Joe's gun & it went off, the bullet hitting Tweety Bird's cage, which fell on top of Fluttershy, making her crash into the Sword of Omens, which then cut off Rainbow Brite's head. Can we say "oops"?



1 KieferSkunk's photo

Wow, that’s gotta be the most coherent FoldingStory I’ve read yet! :)

2 SlimWhitman's photo

Nice finish ;-)
I was beginning to think, am I reading a foldingstory?

3 sundancer's photo

This story was very well-put together and flowed nicely. Good job everyone who contributed! :-)

4 KieferSkunk's photo

I just did my own “dramatic” reading of this story here:

5 Sloth's photo

I really loved your dramatic reading. While I was listening to it I thought to myself “this would be funnier if he dove deeper into the voices.” High five though. *Slaps hand*

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