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Actually, it’s Pizz aunt, you know, i’s French.

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I think I had in mind more of pissant as in office politics hive mind. “Look at Ted. I can’t stand hearing his constant sniffing over our shared cubicle wall. Or his constant throat clearing.”

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I know what you meant. I was quoting Corky Romano (Chris Kattan).  Corky’s brother (Chris Penn) hires a guy to give Corky a new identity for him to go undercover. The guy asks, “What name should I give him?” Chris Penn says, “I don’t care what you call that pissant!”  Corky’s undercover name is Pissant (he insists it is French).

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He would have been better as Pismire.

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Also, I felt sad that I knew you were talking about a Chris Kattan movie from the title. At least Mango never made it to the silver screen. I do have one Kattan favorite. He and Terry Hatcher were trying to get intimate and he put on Sade’s No Ordinary Love. Ding ding ding: I love the song!

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You can’t have Mango!

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it is weird that I can not find the video for the mood music skit. seems most of my favorites are missing from the web.

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I think that some of my faves are from the Short Videos, which were independently produced, like ‘Viva Gilda’ (the Fellini parody) and the one where Lorraine Newman is haunted by spooky music.

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I didn’t know until recently that Lorraine was related to Paul Newman.

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Pieces by Shiller.

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Laraine (I mis-spelled her name up there, sorry) has a twin brother named Paul, but he is not THE Paul Newman.

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