“Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college, where you figure out two plus two is 10, or something.” The pretty teacher moved towards the blackboard and hesitated. "But remember: there will be no foolish wandwaving or silly inc..." she stopped abruptly, hitting an erlenmeyer flask full of the evidence. (You might want to read the notes.)(It was cheese. Exhibit A was a bagel and B was butter.) You are pretty, Teacher. He grabber her by the pussy. Debos ssed designs adorned his binders full of women. "We shall over-comb!" "Keep your stubby little hands and your hair to yourself." The teacher was not impressed. But Bobby and and Timmy were greatly impressed they too began combing over. The even shaved their 7 year old head's to do so. The issue though was the shine below their combovers. Neither wax, oil, brill cream nor shoe polish reproduced the characteristic sheen of Uncle Waverly's combover. Being 7 year olds Bobby & Timmy were unaware of the caution that applying huge amounts of kerosene to their hair entailed. Reality struck when Bobby leaned his head into the oven to inspect a cake. "MOM!!!" Timmy called, "I set myself on fire again!" "How many times do I have to tell you?" his exasperated mother asked as she poured a bag of flour over his head. "Sorry mom!" Timmy said, and though he was glad he had not burned to death, Timmy couldn't help but sneak out to the shed to try to light himself up again. This time he succeeded. His mother rolled her eyes. Snake Eyes & midnight. She called his father. Somewhere in Perth a barman answered the phone & then her question. The answer was No. A dad without a Timmy & a Timmy without a dad.



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Flopp, I am a chemistry teacher myself and I use that Dennis Rodman quote in a parent presentation. Nice.

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Is Bobby still in the oven?

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If he is, I am sure he is quite done and that cake is a lie.

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Don’t mourn him just yet- Bobby was offered a position as narrator of Tales from the Crypt.

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