They crinkled their noses, wondering what could make the room smell like this. Sally walked in and almost puked. There in the corner of the room was a jar of Little Wayne's genitals. It was disturbing to say the least, and Sally ran towards the nearest washroom. She threw up and died, right there on the spot. Her hair landed in in the toilet and the rigamortis had set in as she pushed down on the handle. Permanet flush. Whoosh, hair gets pulled down. Head bangs against the toilet. Endlessly. A woman enter ed the stall just in time to see a pair of legs in Manolo Blahnik heels disappear down the commode. The woman peered into the swirling bowl. Must have been -- The lid clamped down firmly upon her buttocks while behind her a hurl girly man sang listfully about Bojangles and how he missed his dog. Fighting herself free of the lid she commenced to Escape the conundrum of old classic rock music she had heard a million times, at least. The club was a death pit for the old guard. Judge Dread let her leave, while Prince Buster mustered Custer his jacket buttons a'luster. The Judge needed the General to enforce order in the courtroom, and Custer showed up with nothing but a hound dog & blue suede shoes. Custer was a bad choice to enforce order in the courtroom, what with that Little Bighorn thing he had been involved with. The bailiff suggested to the judge that Custer instead head the defense. "It'll be the accused's last stand, Your Honor." The judge agreed, if Chief Crazy Horse would lead the prosecution. "That's plain crazy," thought the bailiff. But Crazy Horse was crazy hoarse, and had to lead the prosecution though smoke signals from his happy pipe, which was passed around the courtroom, much to everyone's eventual hilarity.



1 LordVacuity's photo

In my fold, that was supposed to be a hurdy gurdy man. I don’t know how it became hurl girly man.

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