Every night the brain eating clown would visit. You see he has been hiding in my closet and crying. He'd come out at midnight &sit on my bed, spilling out all of his problems. "I don't want to eat brains!" The clown sniffed. "I want to be loved." I tried to comfort him by offering to remove his shoes. After much maneuvering I just ended up with them jammed between 2 walls in the clown's flat. This upset him further so I decided to stop clowning around. I squeezed him in between the walls so he could be reunited with his shoes. He barely fit, but he stopped crying finally. "Are you okay?" I called to him. Seconds later, he burst through the wall next to me, suddenly built like a Greek God. 'Yes,' his voice boomed. 'Thank you for helping me squeeze through and reunite with my shoes.' "Y-y-you're welcome, I guess." She stammered. "Um, you seem much, uh.." "More handsome?" he boomed mightily. "What I didn't tell you was, my shoes are the source of all my power!" "Yoinks!" she said, and before he even realized it (because he had been gazing at himself in the mirror) she had stolen the magic shoes off his feet and scutteld off to rule the tiny tiny kingdom of Fütländïä, where everybody avidly worshipped the wearer of the magic shoes' feet. She smirked in her flashy new footwear and called out to her citizens , as she called her subjects. She led them to believe that they were citizens when It suited her. She was also quick to remind them that they weren't. They were her subjects. They were her pawns, her playthings but never people. It was something that they quickly learned to accept and something their children soon learned never to question



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