I drove my Astin Martin on the wrong side of the beach. My shoes were long brown and shiny and I needed both hands to handle them. Women often ask me about my shoe size. Its 17 but in my case it is just a coincidence that my shoe size is the number of inches of my... I suddenly yank the wheel to the right just in time to avoid running a woman down on the beac h. My friend yanked the wheel back, trying to straighten us out but it was too late. It felt like that moment lasted an eternity and only a second. When I came to my head was in some sewagy dredge flowing through a ravine on the roadside. The car was burnt out, the windows shattered. I must have flown out the side just before it hit the transformer. Sunstreaker was all anger:"I had the right of way, bud!" he yelled at me, hands on hips. I wasn't buying: "Just give me your car insurance info." "What car? Do you see a car here?" I had heavily invested in the invisible car technology which was inadvertently discovered by the public during an unfortunate event when agent 007 parked near the parking spot reserved for the GrandDuke Wizardo. Who didn't take too kindly to running into an invisible object. He claimed an off-world conspiracy. All i care is that my stocks went through the roof the minute the GrandDuke Wizardo showed up in town and declared to the magical community that my custard tarts were the best he'd ever had in this reality. He was known for both sincerity and reticence, so for the Grand Duke Wizardo to make such a declaration nearly baked my more recent custard tarts to a crisp! But Cdr. Straker advised me to sprinkle them with nutmeg and toss them out the window, which I promptly did. Little did I know that Grand Duke Wizardo was just outside with his mouth open. Curse him!



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Now you know what it takes to be a Grand Duke too.

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