Every fold is sacred. This tenet governed his actions as he reverently typed away, taking great pains not to desecrate the preceding fold. He'd purified himself beforehand by bathing in a frozen lake, & smudging himself with Beth-Anne's unitard, which was still smoldering from her mishap with the cigarette. She really shouldn't have tried the Mata Hari approach. After a short howl Allen Ginsburg appeared and read his poem of the same title. The black dog gurgled in delight afterwards. He was a poet and wrote in Doggish to Beth-Anne about how the sky filled him with nostalgia. Beth-Anne swooned her psychic powers grabbed Allen by the heart and pulled him to the love chamber. However; she miscalculated how fragile his heart was and it burst open and spilled over into hers and they became one giant heart so she was limited in being using her powers to moving other people. What can I do she said . Ralph spoke up. "Marry me!" his voice cracked. She turned, rainbow sunbeams sparkling around her now opalescent hair. "You can escape now & we can move to Omaha & be my wife!" he really went at it, in with a kiss. C'or! Caw, caw peck, peck, peck, dither, dissipate. Ralph outlined a schedule with "Plane tickets to Omaha". The much-kissed woman hesitated, and slowly gave Ralph their tickets all the while looking like a surprised mouse who's thighs were chafing. "I guess that answers that question", said Ralph smugly giving each of them their ticket. The girls each got an extra light tap on the elbow for luck.



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