On the away mission Picard liked to wear tennis shoes. Comfort was everything. On that tiny station they found an exact replica of Picard: Picard #2. The transporter beam had been reflected off Data's shiny metal ass when he decided to moon the landing party, resulting in the doubling of Picard. "How will we know which is the REAL Picard?" Jordie wailed, but their troubles were only beginning. Ryker's beard spontaneously became sentient and attacked his face viciously. Troi began confusing her emotions, mistaking love for ennui. Worst Of all, Troi was growing a fur coat and became a domestic cat, confusing everyone. Ryker's beard turned red almost overnight. No one was the same any more, and there was only one crevice in the solid brick wall, large enough perhaps for the newly feline counselor to fit through, but certainly not the rest of the crew. All would be lost unless Carmen Electras and Spindle Sharpeners banded together to fight the tyranny of Brine Frankensteins with their Pointed Stones of Vrien's Orchard. But they didn't and the doom we saw the wee folk growing more and more wee until laughing maniacally, they disappeared up the noses of Carmen and Spindle. Brine Frankenstein gave a holler of triumph and swore vengeance upon his escaped proboscis monkey. Carmen and Spindle tried to blow their noses, but the wee folk were already too deep inside their sinuses. Frankenstein was dabbing, and ney neying to Putting on The Ritz in a pair of Yizzys with a presidential seal pattern on them. It was so unnatural it caused Carmen & Spindle's heads to explode. End of story. Post credits scene: We see the headless body of Carmen on a metal gurney. The camera pans around to show what is left of her shoulders. We see the flesh rapidly rebuilding itself.



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Brilliant post credit scene, Col.!

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I assure you I thought I was on the last line. It was showing the red blurb about being the last line. That is why I ended like I did. Thanks Col.Lingus for saving my bacon.

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