Jim hesitated and then dropped the cigarette into the toilet. He tested his voice for a moment to make sure the nerves weren't cracking it. "Ahem". No good, he was broken. He didn't know that his wife had flushed the gasoline-soaked papertowels in the toilet earlier that morning and the remnant fumes were ignited by the cigarette and he was blown through the townhouse wall into Jenna's unit. At that moment, Jenna had been praying for a miracle to save her from a lifetime of loneliness. Was Tad the answer to her entreaties? He certainly looked the part with his racy moustache and yellow jeans. And she just couldn't wait to run her hands though his thick red curly hair. But she'd been hurt before when that really cute guy with the porn star 'stache and light blue eyes turned out to be a total clam in bed. She shook that thought off with a shudder and looked again at dude's shoes. Where did he get the shoes? My priest wore shoes like that and we all know how that ended up. Guess that can only mean one thing even to someone like Pamela, she with the ragged desire for ecclesiastical footware. I stared with horror as Pamela reached down and kissed, sniffed and then licked the Pope's Campagi. Getting a private audience with the Pope had been her idea but I thought it was motivated by purely pious reverence. His papal secretary explained that he was very busy and would most likely be booked solid for the next two months, but I wouldn't take "No" for an answer. I reached for my Hanso sword and flew to the Vatican. With my samurai skills and deadly blows I took out all the Swiss Guards. The Pope finally conceded me the interview. He even agreed to appear on Oprah.



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Great story! amazing how it all actually makes sense

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yay, I’m part of the Featured story of the Month! Good one, guys!

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