The lanky superhero stumbled over his words with the wit and sophistication of a stringy strand of melted cheese. "Geeyeez man!" It was one of the endearing weaknesses of Stringcheeseboy, due to his diet of stringcheese & slimjims which dried out & gummed up his tongue. He shot stringcheese at the perpetrato in the line up he had been called to look over. "You sure that's him?" The officer asked Stringcheeseboy as the suspect brushed the cheese off his brow. The lesser known superhero would recognize supervillain Roquefort anywhere. One whiff and you were toast. "Plug your noses!" yelled Stringcheeseboy. Of course it was too late for the cops but Stringcheeseboy managed to do it. I still remember to this day, the way Roquefort grabbed him and peeled him piece by piece. I realized then, people like her don't deserve sympathy. I looked again upon her ample attributes but felt a compunction in my innermost breast, that for today at least, Reason would win out of Lust and I threw away her digits. I ghosted as usual. "Damn!" I muttered. I knew I would be the laughing stock back at my Pick Up Artist group on Wednesdays. Oh well. On less phone number, I threw it away. I'm still a god! And being a god, I can have any woman I desire. But how would I ever know if she actually loved me, or was only under my power? The stories of my conquests had grown thin. Even I tired of the playthings that had no minds of their own. I sought something I hadn't for the first time in aeons: the challenge of someone who would say no. A chase that I'd missed. And that was the really big issue. Who shirked among the pawns in the first place? Everyone was forward-thinking and forward acting. Soothsaying machines at Southend were very glib



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