"1825 -- the year of the first steam locomotive. 1925 -- er, the year before pulp science fiction magazines hit the stands. And now, in the year 2025, we are proud to present: the first entirely genetically enhanced superhuman being. His name, ladies & gentlemen, is Gene." (uncomfortable laughter) "Gene is, as far as we know, perfect in every way." "Perfect enough," asked a member of the audience, "not to turn on his creators?" "Well, I'm not sure I'd call that a sign of perfe-" Gene's hand grabbed the speaker's throat and then Gen Shallot stuffed his woolly mustache and eyebrows in to the speaker's throat. You can guess what came next. The speaker could speak no more. The speaker was also trichophobic which only complicated matters. Gen Shallot had to be airlifted to safety. His facial hair could not be saved. Gen Shallot had been called a bald-faced liar before, but now it was horribly true! He wept as he swept his arm across all his facial hair products on the sink and they fell into a time portal that happened to be on the floor. In his sorrow, Gen had not seen the portal before, and was amazed. He jumped into the portal, wondering where it would take him. It took him to half a second after he had jumped into the portal in the floor & the him that had just jumped into the portal pulled him in with him so that when they came out as 3, they actually came out as 5, then 7 then 12 and so on until he had fielded a 30 man baseball roster of hims. The first task was team-building- a feat accomplished in an Escape Room Inside the Rotarium. The labyrinthine design of the building was the brainchild of the late Dr. Sardonicis. Jason, as he was called, stalks the hallways of your mind each night.



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