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Imma just goona leave this here.

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There’s just something magical about nuns and station wagons, as Archie Bunker discovered nearly 50 years ago. And just think: Nuns and station wagons showed up not once, but TWICE in this story!

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In the movie Lilies of the Field, Sidney Poitier’s character, Homer Smith, drives a 1959 Plymouth Sport Suburban wagon.

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I can’t recall the Archie Bunker reference, I’ll have to kick my brain on or google it, later.

Just wanted to chime in about the nuns and station wagons. Nuns being anything but nuns is as old as the mother superior I’m referring to as being as old as old can be and still wear a bad habit. Which is all of us. That is neither here nor there. Wherever it lies it lies with conviction rendering them no longer lies. Merely falsehoods. Who’s to say what is false? Now you see what side my butter is toasted on.

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Back to nuns in station wagons. Many a brothel, I mean Revival Wagon, plied their wares in the Old West. Traveling from boom town to boom town with them French hussies from Wisconsin.

No. I meant to remind you all of the station wagon full of nuns that were mistaken for pot smugglers in Cheech & Chongs Up in Smoke.

The gun running nun in Two Mules For Sister Sara.

The nuns in The Hours from the Decameron and their “mule”.

The nuns in Chaucer ...

The story I posted as a “sequel” (maybe) was a rough approximation of a Mexican corrido about cocaine smuggling nuns in a station wagon.

I think the idea of nuns being twice “sacred” gave them a sort of protection that allowed those who wanted to abuse the system. It allowed them to get away with a lot of smuggling. All cultures except for when they were actually raping them considered woman worthy of protection. That was their first protection, flimsy as it was. Then being a nun, or promised to a god, or goddess, or God, whatever, gave them another protection from those who claimed them in their fold. Look at me channeling Ruatha and Camille Paglia. Elaine Pagels. That name shouted to be included.

Nuns, Vestal Virgins, Oracles, the Sybol, etc, were all sacrosanct. They were given lots of leeways other women didn’t get. Prestige. The were somewhat untouchable. He would have to be a bold tribune to search beneath a Vestal Virgin’s vestments whom he suspected of smuggling sacred wine for the bacchanal behind the temple of Venus.

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In Shakespeare a nunnery sometimes referred to a brothel and vice versa.

“Get thee to a nunnery!”

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When I was a kid being inculcated into Catholicism we had a joke.

What meat does a priest eat on Friday.


How wrong we turned out to be.

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This is starting to sound like my Ode to the Apple. (eden, Paris, kallisti, Troy, Police Academy, Snow White, Apple Corp., Apple, and Apple Martin.)

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Peaches Geldof.

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