I lost everything but my my ability to remember what I was looking for. Soon after that, I forgot that I ever had anything to lose, which left me feeling a little reticent about talking about it. . .so I visited a neurologist. "I may have alzheimers," I said. "And when did this begin?" asked the doctor. "When did what begin?" "Wha.. who are you?" I scratched my head in confusion:"I "... wait.. what am I doing here again?" I asked, staring confusedly at the doctor. The doctor sighed, "Let's take this from the top..." "No, no wait I'm sorry-" I started. "My memory's still feeling fuzzy." The doctor took his time to explain once more. "What you had told me was that lodged in your rectum was a fragment of your imagination." "You mean 'figment', don't you, doc?" "No, actually. Apparently in the recent past, you had your head up your...up there. See?" He showed me the xray and indeed my cranium had been up my rectum not long ago. I could tell because I was wearing the glasses I got last year. "Put the x-ray away, Doc," I begged, "I'll keep it out of your face. Promise." The Doctor waggled his eyebrows at the patient with the curious medical condition. He'd seen stranger things Than this when he took a vacation to The Invisible Cities and couldn't print photos from them. He only had his voluminous notes, which were yet to be published. The University of Malcalvo expressed some interest but backed out when the preconditions for their inclusion required 7 infant sacrifices. The Nostril Costra refused to yield ground and it was a on.



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