You see, I live in Derby. The infrastructure's a mess. They still use parking meters. And their town motto is: "Derby: I just don't know what went wrong!" Yeah. It's like that. and that's the way it is. I'm a huge fan of Run DMC. Which is why I live in a giant Adidas shoe. You might think it's weird to live in a giant shoe; but trust me, everything from Adidas is fashionable and hip. Hip like Run DMC, by the way. Continuing, this shoe is furnished with many children. So many that the previous owner didn't know what to do with them! If you don't like this home, I can show you a pumpkin for sell, it comes with a starving wid ow and a couple of savage children (and possibly a few unmarked graves). The pumpkin is considered a fixer upper. It apparently was once grand but it's past it's time." The pumpkin was pureed and made into a soup. It had no say in the matter. The savage children ate the soup without asking what it was. "Yummy", one little girl exclaimed to her mum ,who rolled her eyes inwardly,but there were enough pumpkin patch kids that noone noticed."Well as long as the remaining kids were happy & well nourished it's ok." She told herself stop pretending to care. She knew no one was being fooled. They could all see right through her like she was a fluted glass flower that needed the sunshine to penetrate her to find the dark corner where she kept her heart hidden. But she had built walls around herself, and a roof through which no light could penetrate. Only she could tear down this house of isolation, emotional torment & mental confusion. On the other hand, all it needed was landscaping with poison ivy & catbrier. Then she would finally have a home to be proud of.



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I guess most of us live in a fixer upper…

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Every house is a fixer-upper, except the pumpkin houses, which are fixer-into-soupers.

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