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Love the ending!

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This is a nice two-part story.
Lucky man/thing.  As far as I know Frank & Beth are still a pair…

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Why thank you! The set-up was really great, so I just tried to roll with it to the extreme. I think we all should be proud of this one. Y’all done good!

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You’re are so right, and sorry about that—I realized as I hit submit I didn’t mention the entire story, which I really like.  It has a sweet nostalgia and reminds me of when I was a kid—throwing paper airplanes, watching the old black and white Boris Karloff Frankenstein movie every year, playing with Mr. Potato Head and even knowing about Hughes Aircraft and the Spruce Goose.

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On top of the great nostalgic points (I flew paper airplanes from the roof of our house as a kid and old Frankie’s dear to my heart), I like the ideas in this one. I can’t resist doing a little homage to one of them:

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Hey Frank! You’re looking swell! What’s your secret?


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Frank’s Helpful hints:
Measure twice, cut once and the proper varnish.

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WOW! This one is great!!! :-)

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Solved the “Frankenstein’s monster’s name” conundrum.  Nepotism runs in the family.

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