Anne met her boyfriend at Facebook.He was a friend of a friend of a friend whom she used to play a few games with.Virtual games.The kind of games children were not supposed to play as it had been discovered that playing too much Candy Crush Minion Saga turned kids into flesh-eating zombies. When the apocalypse started, Anne and her boyfriend found themselves Overwhelmed my zombies, children and adults alike. Anne turned to her boyfriend, Chris, and asked, "Is this the end?" But he had already been mostly eaten anyway,so he was a corpse and his end had come and gone. Anne knew to avoid her end better they needed to get away from him before he turned. She grabbed her bag and his, bashed his head with a hammer & jum ped into her humvee. She didn't dare look back for fear of being chased. ALl she knew was that if she could get to the border, get some distance, she might just make it out in one dose of hamster. Ever since the hypochondriac craze, dealers were marking up their rodents, and she needed a hit badly enough to steal this military Humvee and cross into Siberia. The Humvee ran out of petrol some forty miles from the Siberian border, and she had to walk those miles, shaking like a jackhammer all the way. If she didn't get a hamster soon, she would be the next Tunguska incident. About 10 miles later she met a blind psychic baba on the road, selling tea and cabbages. "Dorogayushka, do not worry. I have hamsters." She handed over a dead parrot. She took the dead parrot from the psychic baba's talon like fingers, puzzled. "This is not a hamster," she said through clenched teeth. "Look again." She pulled hard on the bird's beak, its hooked end pressing a red mark into her skin. After the first minute of yanking, the onlookers began to disperse. Then, abruptly, it opened.



1 Ped_Xing's photo

From whom’s opening wound will we see something sinister emerge? Surely not our from intrepid Anne?

2 Ped_Xing's photo

My stupid sausage like fingers strike again.

3 BlastedHeath's photo

I’m just hoping that Woab and I are (at least to some extent if not completely) reconciled.

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