Civilized people cannot fully satisfy their sexual instinct without donuts. Mr. Donut built a fast-food chain empire on that simple foundation. Ofcourse Donut Jr. couldn't leave well enough alone and started several lines of 'adult' novelty donuts named "Glazed Sticky Hole", "Jimmies 'n Cream", "Crimson Tide Creampie", and the best selling "Multi-purpose chocolate cruller". Mr. Donut did not approve of the additions Donut Jr. had suggested, but didn't want to completely squash Donut Jr.'s creative enthusiasm. "Interesting," Mr. Donut murmured, "But won't go over with the church crowd." "Sinnamon Delight?" "Son, I'll handle marketing," said Mr. Donut. Donut Jr. got mad and tried to punch Mr. Donut, but his fist went through his dad's donut hole. They scuffled, sprinkles falling all over the place. Mr. Donut threw a knee into his son, Donut Jr.'s gut, and red jelly spurted out his pipping hole. Mr. Donut was covered in sticky glaze. Just as it looked like Jr. was done, Captain Cruller came to his rescue. "Don't be fooled by my name," the Capt. called as he shot like a torpedo into the ring. He helped patch up Donut Jr.'s middle and Prepared the Donutmobile for the next day's business. Captain Cruller was hired to drive the vehicle on Higjway 61to its assigned location in the business district. A per -simmon tree dropped all its fruit in dismay as the Donutmobile passed. "No-one cares for fruit any more," it moped. Meanwhile Cap'n Cruller was greeted by a throng of hungry Misshapen toy soldiers from all eras. Where was their prize? Just because they fought for the dream in the dream doesn't mean you need forget them. They flashed for you only.



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