If I don't harry up, I will be late. Harry said things like that - trying to lighten up his devastating procrastination. Things like I was nearly too late fertilizing the ovum & ever since I've been playing catch up . It a dangerous gamete, indeed. The Head of Operations finally pulled Harry and said, "Why can't you stay focused and keep up with your duties like a good little spermatozoon?" The head of operations was a one trick pony. I'm a spermatozoon, I actually do the dangerous crap like swim in that hostile swamp. So I says, "Look, instead of spewing criticism why don't we help each other out? I'll flagellate my axial filament. Joe Sperm, you forge ahead and relay any signs of danger. Bob Sperm and Ed Sperm, you guys are my flankers. If you guys see anyone in this desert, rendez vous with the rest of the team. Joe dont forget to respond to the walkie talkies, we dont want the same mistake happening again. Joe sat and stared stupidly at the walkie-talkies. He had no idea how to respond to them. Shower them with gifts? Ask them to marry him? They beeped again. He could hear Sarge's vo 5 playing in the background. Joe remembered Sarge had offered him VO5 tickets the day before. Joe keyed the mike. "Would you like to go to a concert after the genocide," he asked. "Who's playing?" Sarge asked. "The Runaway Five," said Joe. They took a private military subway out of town to watch the nuclear holocaust from a distance, then walked to the stage edge, and urinated on the orchestra pit filled to the gills with skinheads, just in time to hear the Runaway Five respond to an encore chant with a rendition of Suck Me Sideways.



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Okay, so the orchestra pit must be an euphemism for an uterus. The skinheads are the other sperms. Joe, Bob and Ed maybe thought they could team up to get a better shot at the ovum, and the urine is used as some sort of spermicide. I have a feeling that there was no zygotes happening that day.

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