It was a Sunday afternoon in the park on the island at La Grande Grande Jatte when suddenly Georges Seurat understood the meaning of life. It was as if everything made sense. Seurat was overcome with joy and excitement at finally formulating this concise unifying understanding of life. He understood it all so clearly! Now where was his pen? And that's when he felt the itch. He'd lodged his pen so deep in the holiest of unholies. He'd gotten a little carried away, but Seurat needed to right. He put on some laytex glove s and pulled out the pen. He was ashamed of his sick habit of dipping his pens into the holiest of unholiest. Seurat did enjoy the pain of sticking things where do not belong but this was sinful even for him. He gripped the pen and brought it down hard. He desperately needed to draw her like one of his french girls. But her curves were so elaborate and her fifth leg too distracting that he found himself unable to complete the sketch without adding some unusual flourishes. He really couldn't help himself. She already had a fifth leg. Why not also add an extra set of eyelashes? Sam finished up, held his breath & hit the "Bring to Life" button on his state-of-the-art etch a sketch. She came out so pretty, Sam regretted giving her five legs & eight arms. It was an unlucky number. Sam was superstitious about these things and with good reason. He tried tweaking the knobs the other way but his doodle wouldn't budge. She did her own knob tweaking, and a line began to trace out the confines of his jail cell.When it was done,she drew a latch on the screen & opened it & he became the Octodoodle's pet.



1 PurpleProf's photo

Georges…I believe he missed the point!

2 SlimWhitman's photo

We’ve discovered a new type of storytelling: poinrlessnessism

3 SlimWhitman's photo

that was supposed to be Pointlessnessism.

4 IceSquad's photo

Don’t sweat it, Slim. None of us got that far into the word.

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