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"I'm afraid that I couldn't support you in this", he told her, frankly. "Not now, not ever. Not a single brass farthing shall I issue from my pocket if it should perpetuate this fo

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Lovingly kissing her chelicerae, I looked deep into her compound eyes and began to stroke her opisthosoma, her book gills all aflutter, her tail spine quivering in the night air.

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Anne,the ant and Greg,the grasshopper made a cute couple,but conception was a problem.He vowed to take care of the kids while she worked and she was OK with reversed parts but

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"Hey, Ninja 2.0! Get your ninja-y little arse over here!" shouted Benny. The ninja slunk up to him silently, a resigned expression on his expressionless face. "What the f*** do you

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As I sit on a bench, I can see a man and a woman across the park talking to each other. The woman sits over the man, and it looks like they are talking about their dreams.

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Once upon a time there was a princess who had a terrible personality but was very attractive.

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My goal is to find a way to resurrect the internet of 20 years go: back before commercialism and social networking and media paranoia. Waybac just doesn't cut it, obviously. When

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So one day Krishnamurthi asks Pasternak if they might eventually have one or two of those oranges along with their tea, and maybe some bread. The purple storm mirror

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She sat sipping tea, smiling at her guest, knowing full well that the man sitting across from her was a serial killer.

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A season of listening fell upon the Earth.

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