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One day, Marshinassasin walked the bare bone streets of New York City after it has been plaque by the green virus. After fighting a very hard boss, he got high end knee pads.

Finished: 9/19/17 @ 01:29
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Note to foldingstory users: I want to make Jakob the jewish refugee and Souperwoman the "thing" of Foldingstory. Please make it happen in the next 9 lines! I'll start it - "Can I?"

Finished: 9/19/17 @ 01:25
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An ice cream soda was all he wanted.He had this craving for a few days now and it was driving him nuts...Hummm,nuts...caramelized,warm nuts...No!No more cravings,no more sugar,no

Finished: 9/19/17 @ 01:22
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I’d always wondered what would happen when I opened that door.

Finished: 9/19/17 @ 01:08
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A Levantine man approached my house yesterday. Maybe it was me, but he smelled like saltwater and pule, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

Finished: 9/18/17 @ 19:01
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Joe Harris crooned bitterly to his beer, "All the old dudes carry the news," while around him robots upgraded themselves and transhuman youngsters dated transdimensional beings fr

Finished: 9/18/17 @ 18:53
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Today was the end of the world, but no one seemed to care. That is until

Finished: 9/18/17 @ 18:35
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once upon a time drake called me 2 the studio and said he wanted to feature me on a rap song! I said ok and got up and headed over to his awesome house, when i got there he gave me

Finished: 9/18/17 @ 10:04
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"You have a hot heart for such cold deeds."

Finished: 9/17/17 @ 23:15
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"Dicky Dicky don't do it Dicky, I gave up everything, everything for you Dicky, you can't leave me Dicky!" She was just a dame to Dicky Noir, Private Eye. He adjusted his fedora

Finished: 9/17/17 @ 20:58