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"A dog is a man's best friend!" I protested. But the giant man-eating dog of hell was undetterred. It barred his teeth and

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Dr Crud made his first incision with a scapel into the little girl's chest only to discover the patient was filled with sugar and spice and all things nice. Amy's twin brother need

Finished: 12/14/18 @ 18:37
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It was time for the Bimillennial Dinosaur conference on Godwana. King Tyrranosaurus gave a fiery speech warning of the invasion of furry teeted night crawlers. Pantydraco laughed

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We went about our affairs on Earth, confident as rulers of this world while Intellects vast, cool & unsympathetic regarded our planet with envy slowly & surely drawing their plans.

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Once upon a time there was a brave little boy named Smith that lived in a swamp with an ogre named George. They were great friends and they did many fun things together like...

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The Geomagnetic anomalies make a surgical strike impossible, unleash the

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It was then that I decided to become a symbiote. Why deal with the hassle of driving to a supermarket and shelling out half your paycheck for food when you could just get your

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One Very Fine Day a Very Freaky Dude rolled a Very Full Doobie. The Virginia Fire Department responded to a Voluminous Fire Debacle when the Dude's Doobie Volatilized For Days.

Finished: 12/14/18 @ 00:37
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i was walking in them jungle and suddenly, i saw a slime like water dripping on my hands, when i look up,i was shock to see a hive, and inside of the hive there,was many movement

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Something has happened. When I entered this room and stood before all these people I was going to announce the identity of the killer but now it is like I am inside my empty shell

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