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If I work hard this year, I will pass my exams. If I pass my exams...

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"No! That's not how it goes," Uncle Cyrus told Aunt Martha. She gave him a look and left the room. As we waited for him to compose his thoughts, my cousin Jim started to tell me a

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After anonymously dominating the Nerf Basketball League for years, I was ready to take my talents to the NBA. But first, I needed a hype shoe deal. I placed a call to Crocs, Inc.

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"I'm bisexual and I haven't had sex for 6 days," Anya stated. Nina looked at her. "Pleased to meet you," she said. She ordered coffee for her new flat mate as she didn't speak Czec

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The lanky superhero stumbled over his words with the wit and sophistication of a stringy strand of melted cheese. "Geeyeez man!"

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Fat Boy Skinny and I met at the Sunset Grill…back when the Imperial Highway was still a dream…where a man with a washboard, spoon and harmonica could tell tales from times gone by.

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The last summer two best friends were about to start the trip of their dreams a European road trip. They had been planning the trip since they were 10 years old.

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Every fold is sacred.

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"Excuse me, but..." she leaned in closer to me and whispered. "You didn't give me the letters." I had absolutely no idea what this woman on Bus 87 was talking about. She looked

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He looked down on his cousin on remote camera and thought "we'll it's your choice. It's just too bad you chose to become a fat bastard I wish you would've chose to become

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