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Eeeeee-oooooo-eeeeee-oooooo ---- Uuuuuughhhh (momentary silence) Tshhhh. Sigh...(birds singing) Ahhhh, sigh..........crrrrrrp-rrrrrrrriiip....CURRRRASSSHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oooohhh...

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There once was a princess name Linda. She lived in a magical kingdom in a far away land called Myropia. Lands stretched as far as the eye could see

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July 15th, 1478: I decided to write down everything if anything happens to me, so one could pick up from where I finished. I think I'm on a good way to find the secret formula...

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efdfdfdfd fdfdgdfgdfgdfg gdfgdfgdfgdfgerlgöölgfd

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"Yeah, I have gay characters, so what?" She typed. The other author seemed amused. "R u gay or sumthin" He replied. She rolled her eyes at the spelling errors. "Who gives a fuck?

Finished: 6/22/20 @ 15:12
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When I woke up, I was covered with goosebumps. The feeling was there, constant, but I couldn't remember how it happened. I was asleep when it started. After half a minute, it sta

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"No no I don't think YOU understand" the ad guy said. "I don't want juicy" (he made air quotes). "I want a frikkin flash flood in my mouth! I don't want flavorful. I want a grenade

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i want to eat pancakes! But

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"Myron take a look at this huge spherical blue object in front of the Sun from NASA's satellite feed of STEREO1. I told you UFOs are real!" "Um. Isn't that the Earth?" "No way!

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If I had won the Power ball, I would not be sitting in class right now. Instead, I would...

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