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The crazy old coot in the landspeeder was right, those WEREN'T the droids we were looking for! Though, for a second there, they kind of looked a little bit like them - I mean, one

Finished: 2/7/20 @ 15:17
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The gamer looked at her, and she expected him to say something romantic, but he said "Wanna play some gta5?"

Finished: 2/7/20 @ 12:58
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Research has found that the percentage of FoldingStory users with 3 figure IQs is equal to the percentage of bananas that are straight. From this we can conclude that

Finished: 2/7/20 @ 03:52
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When the mists cleared Captain Jack sparrow saw the other boat. It was a coast guard ship. No doubt there were snipers on board. He should never have joined up with Ethiopian

Finished: 2/6/20 @ 20:47
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Vaughn died tonight in his final go-kart crash. Distracted by the sinister eyes of Trump peering out from the massive billboard looming above the track, he pressed the accelerator

Finished: 2/6/20 @ 14:00
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Twenty minutes. That's how long I have left until I find out the truth. Am I really made up of mostly water like most humans are or am I really just a bag of cockatoos? Either way

Finished: 2/5/20 @ 23:14
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What ever happened to Ms. Inatick, the clever cricket-loving Australian lass who is so fond of personifying inanimate objects? Mr. Spatula, what have done to our friend?

Finished: 2/4/20 @ 12:53
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The Three Little Pigs,tired of the wolf's assaults,got three little tiger cubs trainned from Tibetan Monks.

Finished: 1/31/20 @ 18:05
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You and me are in a lot of trouble, and somebody's gonna burst our bubble. Your husband, my wife. My marriage, your life. So we went to Maine out on the east coast that very night

Finished: 1/30/20 @ 18:28
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My cup failed me.

Finished: 1/29/20 @ 14:34