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Folding Story is a lot like blackjack. You gotta play smart with the cards you're dealt and the room you're given. And win or lose, it always seems to end with a gun at my spine.

Finished: 8/15/17 @ 22:53
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It was the post-Apocalypse and I was the King of the Can-Openers.

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"what is your mother doing?" Steve asked. Georgina laughed, "She is picking at a nut stuck in her tooth." "And you chose that moment to take a picture and then put it on your iphon

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This is a true story. My story. The one I thought I'd never tell.

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Jerry sat alone at his cubicle. It was another long night of overtime. He wondered where all of his coworkers were as he tapped quietly at his keyboard. Little did he know that

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I gave the door five knocks, paused, then knocked three more times. "Password?" said a voice from the other side. "password123" I replied. They really needed a better password. I

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"Don't worry about it Bob! Stop being such a puss Bob! The SEC will never notice Bob! That's what you said! You screwed me you bastard! I'm finished!" "Lower your voice Bob" He ope

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"Oh my... it looks like a hard rain's a-gonna fall" Said Ma Gerita. "May the wrath of god and water and wind wash me away, and take me out of this misery", replied Father Jerry

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"No, for real! I swear hush puppies are made out of REAL puppies." Wow. My butcher had never steered me wrong in the past, so I had to believe him. Still, made me wonder if

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"It's some kind of temporal eddy," Bulemia Tourettes explained. Capt. Janeway shook her head in dismay. Tupok continued, "It is as if memory engrams reset after only a short time."

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