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Young teacher, the subject of school girls' fantasies.But these girls were half his age, yet they knew twice as much. He tried to teach them calculus.They taught him other lessons.

Finished: 1/9/20 @ 01:14
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It was a dark night when I was thinking in my room when a siren screamed, I looked out my window and everything was on fire.

Finished: 1/8/20 @ 23:48
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Bruce and Clark flew out to the west coast to have brunch with Godzilla. After some awkward pleasantries, Bruce confided, "We know what it's like to be alone in the world." The

Finished: 1/8/20 @ 21:56
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"Dave whats the secret to your steak man!" Mike exclaimed. "You really wanna know?" Dave asked. Mike nodded enthusiastically. "Well the two main ingredients are napalm and bleach."

Finished: 1/8/20 @ 21:47
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I have no strength to keep my eyelids open and no willpower to stop it happening all over again. The dragonflies are here again and they're no longer blue.

Finished: 1/8/20 @ 18:38
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I like pie.

Finished: 1/7/20 @ 13:40
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"A window cleaner me " read the side of the van, but it was filled with electronics and a half mile above the desert, operatives were bugging the windows of the Burj Khalifa.

Finished: 1/7/20 @ 07:11
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My dear Matilda, I write this romantic suicide note with the most melancholic of intentions. I gingerly clutch this quill when I could use my Ipad. But my love is too wide and

Finished: 1/5/20 @ 17:42
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It was a wondrous day. The sun was shining, the birds were cawing , there was a gull picking at crab legs washed up on the shore.

Finished: 1/5/20 @ 13:37
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This will end here, with nothing to mark its passing.

Finished: 1/5/20 @ 13:25