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The elevator seemed innocuous enough. Just your ordinary everyday run-of-the-mill elevator. Two floors up, my worst nightmare got on. I should have known something was wrong when

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It was a dark and stormy night.

Finished: 12/11/17 @ 19:27
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Dear Santa, This Christmas I'd like a new bicycle, a warm coat, and a puppy. But I don't want you to bring them to me. Please give them to Jacob Nealy. Thank you Santa, Paul.

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Six years had passed since Benjamin's death. For years in a quiet obsession, Sarah tracked her fiance's killer. Now, finally, across the ballroom floor stood that very lizard man.

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"What I want neither you nor anybody else can give me...no body...not even the God." The woman was standing beside the door, starring at the thin air. The alley was empty, smelling

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Are you embarrassed by your chronic affluence? Ever been trapped in a crowded elevator with your own affluence? Are you excluded from social groups due to audible affluence? Then

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So I quit my job then and went back on the road. I managed to land a gig here and there, none lasting more than a few day news. I blew into a town, played my set, made love to

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Bless Me, Father, for I have sinned. I am a confirmed Catholic who strayed from Heaven's straight & Narrow path for a walk thru debauchery's garden: Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll.

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i left,soaking and wet

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After sleepwalking again at Almond Boat Park, NC, Raymond drifted slowly awake. The motor of his boat awakened him, along with the wind splashing water into his face which jolted

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