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"Two more sequential black-outs, a meatfest, and then three different shades of self-loathing and a car, and just like that I was a roadie for Danzig." The crowd clapped.

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The boy looked at the goat. "I can make it to the gate if I run," he thought. But the boy was forgetting rule number 9 from Spotnicks Updated and Revised Guide to Goat Encounters

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I propose that the town of "North Pole" shall be henceforth known by the name "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Furthermore during voting on this measure affirmation shall be indicated by the phrase

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It is friendly and polite to say "Hello" when you see someone you know. In the morning you can say "Good morning" or when you pass someone in the hall you can say "HI".

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In conclusion, let me simply say, I never agreed to be ruled by these reptiles, regardless of their race, sex, party, or style of bullshit. Any resemblance between my prudential

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A flash of light shattered the sky followed a moment later by a massive boulder rolling slowly down a distant mountain.

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She looked down at me as I stared in awestruck at her presence. Three years later and I still couldn't accept her rejection

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I've been trapped on this planet for my entire life, without any hope of escaping and returning home, so there's no point in crying; it's time to acquiesce and to get a job.

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I made the best macaroni sandwich with honey glazed ham and sweet mustard with lettuce, tomato and melted swiss cheese. I glazed pasta sauce on it. My friends made fun of me but I

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"Fellow shareholders, after years of effort from our team of paleontologists and molecular biologists may I present to you the Brontosaurus burger!" "Dad, it's Apatitosaurus!

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