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You're the one who wanted the new hybrid technology; so we got a chicken-powered refrigerator!

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A woman beacame sick and when she felt her end was drawing near, she called her only child to her bedside.

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Vanessa Conquest refused to testify against her estranged brother Eric for his "crimes" against The Commonwealth. "What crime? He's a poet who rejected our wealth. But now this?!"

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It was raining outside. Lightning crashed somewhere in the distance. I was staring up at the masked vigilante who'd just broke down my door. I'd never forget what happened next.

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This guide can be used alone as a beginner's handbook. To begin capitalist mediation you must first find a quiet place where you can block out

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Canuck Carl was canoe sprinting when he rammed Synchro Sally while she was making her trademark whale breach maneuver. He made a lasting impression. Many years later at the Olympic

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Just as she was showing him the door, (good riddance) an alert came off the TV. "Due to a Homeland emergency, everyone must stay indoors for the next 48 hours."

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So i sat there, with ciaran young, and joe eller, eating chapstick, whilst sittin' on da toilet, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT!

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A matter of degrees is how I characterized the whole affair. At the end of the day there was a point tally to determine which of the men was allowed to bathe the zombie women, & fo

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