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The day started like any other. My alarm buzzed. After letting out a groan I climbed out of bed. I got dressed, ate breakfast, and got ready for work. That's when I noticed it.

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Can you guys tell me your best cooking recipe for fish, meat, veggies or I dont know dessert?

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Several things were wrong with Tony and Lila's relationship. Lila, fresh off her gap year in Prague, often lamented Tony's lack of ambition and his bad sense of irony.

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Every time I decide to cook I’m always one ingredient short. The last time I tried to make

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I remember the day when I went to the park. As I walked, I noticed how the rabbit and squirrel were eyeing the same piece of fruit, on the ground. I wanted to see who won, but

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If you're reading this sentence, it means I'm likely dead.

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The mystical mermaid quickly swam through the choppy waves. She knew she had to get back to her cove before the tide rolled in.

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I remember, a few years back, before all this drama, a certain family picnic. It was before Dad was the most wanted criminal alive, Mom was on the run for safety, and I, inocent me

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Slugman glared at me as Joyce from Forensics reported that all five mucusy trails were concocted from mucilage and olive oil. "Slugman, I owe you more than an apology. How about

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"The apocalypse is coming!" The weird guy-with-the-impending-doom-sign-strapped-to-his-front shouted. I was figuring this one was a total loon, when the whole earth started

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