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The computer screen flashed its error message: No document with DOI "" The supplied document identifier didn't match any document in our

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That's when Buddha appeared. He wasn't fat like Chinese renditions. He was a thin Indian dude. "What are you doing here?" John was in the Pizza Hut kitchen making a meat lover's

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They had battled for control of the trailer park. Residents fled to Texas to escape bloodshed. He was tired. He sent a peace overture in the form of a fermented pork sandwich. This

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AHHHHH! Kathy screamed at the top of her lungs...

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The alpaca farm was not the financial success Ed and Judy had envisioned. No one had told them that by temperament these wooly creatures had an evil streak that belied their fuzzy

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His dog peeked over the edge of the table. The baby'd left bits of steak there, but Dad shook his head. Two minutes later, she was barking at something. When Dad got up, she flew

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It didn’t even occur to me to pay attention to my father’s keep off the grass signs, but it should have. I realized this as soon as I stepped in the small pile Mrs. Chu's Mutt

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"April's Adventures, how can I help you?" Her voice was far too perky and I had had far too little sleep. "How about a library visit in August," I snarled, my bad mood bleeding

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Hot fat and delirium congealed somewhere at the base of his skull. The time of magic and will had given way to a chaos unanticipated by the great tomes. To be undone by a pan of

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The crowd reeked of vodka. They were puking in their seats. Their chants were slurred but he could make out the name. They chanted for him. Well screw that noise then. I'll

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