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Reluctantly he started up the hill again, feeling each step creak through his joints sending pain and a frustratingly loud grinding noise to alert those around him to his impending

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"Well this is the big kiss off," he thought. I spent thousands on these ungrateful turds and they turned on me like jackals. They waited until I had cancer, and now they're here to

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I fed the elephant some acid, and it slept with one of the fish in the pool last night. The fish told me it has the fucking elephant's baby. I looked at it's belly

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The grenade settled into place only feet away from him. That it had landed in the mud granted a rare opportunity for it to be returned to its owner. I crouched, calculating the

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I had just been promoted to

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I'd been a detective 23 years and I was tired, dog tired. Ground in stains on my trenchcoat mapped the sleaze of the city I'd drowned in too long. Deep down I craved to strip off

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He'd switched careers, moving from programming to the classroom. He kept having to remind himself that kids were not machines. There was such little logic in what they did.

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The feathers dangling from her ears were vintage 80's, like the dream catcher from her rear view mirror. He laughed despite his murderous intent. "You sleeping in your car now?"

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The bags full of used up Christmas cheer were bundled near the door. The use of wrapping paper always sank his mood. For a brief moment, someone smiled, but through it, not at it

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How do I know that my flight is going to take off in time? The estimated time of arrival says two hours by my intuition says

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